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What Happen to Your Jaw After Teeth Removal?

  • Unwanted teeth movement.
  • Shrinkage of jaw bone.
  • Loosening of teeth.
  • Reduced chewing ability.

The Modern Way of Dental Implant

With the help of state-of-the-art Software and 3D Printing, we are able to preplan the precise position and angle of the dental implant to ensure Quicker Procedure, Higher Success Rate,  and Minimal Discomfort.

Why Choose Quest Dental?

Friendly Dentist
  • 90% of our patients say it’s almost painless.
  • State-of-the-art implant technology.
  • 0% Interest Installment Plan
    (up to 12 months)

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RM500 rebate

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Our Implant Dentist

Implant Dentist in Quest Dental

Dr. Allen Teh

B.D.S (MAHSA Uniservity)

Dr. Allen Teh graduated from MAHSA University. He is extremely passionate in Dental Implant. In order to provide better result and experience for the patients, he constantly improve himself by attending extra courses, seminars and workshop. For the past 3 years, he had accumulated more than 600 hours of extra learning. 

Through these training, as compare to traditional Dental Implant method, he learnt that Digital Dental Implant can greatly improve the result of Dental Implant and minimize the discomfort of patient. Therefore, he led the team to incorporate this newer technology into Quest Dental. 

In his leisure time,  he enjoys running and reading. 

What our Customers say

I'm very impressed with Dr.Allen and the "digital implant" technology. Before surgery, Dr.Allen showed me my 3D xray, where i can see the shape of my jaw, my nerve and the position of the future implant prior to the surgery. Dr allen also did scaling and clean my face before the surgery to reduce the risk of infection.

The overall surgery was done within 30 minutes with no pain at all.

On the side note, the price was very reasonable and they even gave me the option to pay by 12 month installment with 0% interest.
Dr Allen is the best dentist i have ever seen so far! He is very professional and friendly dentist. I was quite nervous before the surgery (who wouldn't?). However, Dr. Allen and the Team was very supportive and calming throughout the whole procedure.

The surgery was almost no pain at all. After that, I felt only very slight discomfort, that i didn't even have to take painkiller!

Highly recommended
Jonathan Tiong

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